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Registration is Open 


We will be running a skills clinic for any interested kindergarten students in the spring.  Please email jtrischitta@tyngsboroyouthlacrosse.com to get on our email list.



 Please review this important information prior to attempting to register your child (and/or emailing for help):

  • PAYMENT OPTIONS: MasterCard, Visa and Discover Card are accepted forms of payment. All registrations must complete their payments in order to secure a spot on any given team. The system will time out and delete your registration if not completed in 30 minutes. TYLA offers a secure online registration system. 
  • CHOOSING A TEAM: Select a team based on your child's gender and school grade. Proof of grade and residency may be required.
  • IMPORTANT FOR US LACROSSE:   Make sure your child's name and birth date are exactly the same when you enter thier  US Lacrosse number (for girls) and MBYLL number (for boys) and then on the TYLA system. Otherwise the system can not match up the US Lacrosse/MYBLL number to your player. 
  • WAITLIST:  Some teams will exceed their capacity and will enter a waitlist status. Players put on the waitlist will not be required to pay for US Lacrosse/MYBLL or pay TYLA for the season until/unless a spot opens up on the team or should we have enough players/coaches for a 2nd team at that level. We will notify you should a spot open, payment must be received to hold the spot once you are notified.     
  • NO REFUNDS: TYLA does not offer refunds.
  • CONTACT:  jtrischitta@tyngsboroyouthlacrosse.com