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Spring 2020 Fee- $200.00

$20.00 late fee after January 1, 2022


Girls' Teams information: (Grades K-8)The Founders League has asked that we collect their membership fee of $35.00.  When registering your total amount will be $255.00, our  $220.00 fee and Founders registration fee of $35.00 All players playing on girls' team need to have the Founders League Membership for insurance purposes.  If registering a kindergarten us 0 for the grade.  There is no late fee for kindergarten registrations.  

Boys' Teams information:  (Grades 1-8) Please register your player for Mass Bay Boys Youth Lacrosse League.  You will need their registration number in order to register with us.  All players playing on boys' team must have a MBBYL membership for insurance purposes. Mass Bay Boys Youth Lacrosse League Player Registration Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse

Uniforms- If you need a new uniform, it can be ordered now. Uniforms and Apparel. There are some custom apparel items that can be ordered as well.  ALL ORDERS PLACED AFTER MARCH 4 ARE NOT GUARANTEED TO BE DELIVERED BY APRIL 4.
Beginning in 2022 boy field players must wear protectors for commotio 
cordis (shoulder pads) that meet the NOCSAE ND200 standard and contain 
an SEI certification mark.

Anyone interested in trying out lacrosse can come try it out at our preseason practices in March, reach out to Laura Barton at Lauraborden12@hotmail.com

Registration Fees Includes:
Indoor preseason practices
Group/Individual Team pictures
Practices and games from April-June
Jamboree in June
We are looking forward to a great season!




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